Maximize Yield While Securing the Network

The new era of Proof-of-Stake is here. Get instant access to PoS rewards, DeFi yield, and multichain governance. All through a network of Trusted Nodes.

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How it Works

Stake native assets to PoS nodes. Restake liquid tokens to the vaults. Join multichain governance through the DAO. Enjoy your double rewards and voting power.


Learn the details about Trusted Node. Start with the industry backdrop and challenges. Move onto the purpose and architecture behind our solution. Then understand the user rewards and tokenomics.

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Take It Back

A tremendous amount of cryptocurrency is still stored on exchanges. These users are forfeiting their staking rewards. Why let them take the fruits of your investment?

We make it easy for users to take their token ownership back. Our validator nodes are a lucrative and decentralized alternative to leaving your coins on an exchange. By staking with Trusted Node, you secure multiple Proof-of-Stake networks as well as your capital.

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Token Benefits

The TNODE token is your gateway to the Trusted Node ecosystem.


Become a DAO member and vote on all PoS blockchains through the network’s stake in the validator nodes.

Yield Boost

DAO members receive an additional yield boost multiplier based on the TNODE they have in escrow.

Fee System

DAO members who have their TNODE in escrow may be eligible to a portion of the fees paid to Trusted Node.


TNODE is the lifeblood of the Trusted Node network. It's a governance token and the bridge to liquid staking liquidity.

Token Allocation

A capped total of 1 billion ERC-20 tokens will be generated at launch and released into circulation over 60 months. More than 50% will be reserved for DeFi and PoS rewards available through vaults and smart contracts.

Emission Schedule

The token emission schedule has been designed to stimulate Trusted Node infrastructure and manage circulating supply during the first 5 years of growth. Vested periods and cliffs mitigate market fluctuation.

Private Sale10%$0.02 per token, 5% unlocked at IDO; 95% vested
1 year cliff, 24 month linear vesting, 30 day intervals
Product Development10%Dashboards, vaults, integrations, etc
Ecosystem / Community10%Partners, economists, auditors and marketing
Team & Advisors15%1 year cliff, 24 month linear vesting, 30 day intervals
Validator Delegation Funds & Rewards10%5 year linear vesting, monthly release
LP Staking Rewards43%2% unlocked at IDO; 98% vested over 5 years
Y1: 9%, Y2: 21%, Y3: 22%, Y4: 23%, Y5: 23%
Public Sale2%IDO


We are in this for the long haul. Bringing non-custodial liquid staking to Proof-of-Stake networks.



Whitepaper complete; token audit; private sale


Mint token on Ethereum mainnet

Binance Smart Chain

Launch token on BSC and list on Pancake Swap

CEX Listing

List token on a centralized exchange

Staking Portal

Cosmos Integration

Integrate coins built on Cosmos into the Staking Portal

Terra Integration

Integrate coins built on Terra into the Staking Portal

Polkadot Integration

Integrate coins built on Polkadot into the Staking Portal

The Vaults

Liquidity Vault Audits

Complete audits for our LP Vaults


Strengthen our Liquid Staking service with more liquidity pool vaults

Liquid Staking

Custodial Launch

Liquid Staking launches as a custodial service

Non-custodial Liquid Staking

The vision is complete with fully decentralized liquid staking

Multichain Governance

DAO Escrow Audit

Governance vaults are fully audited

Governance Portal

The Governance Portal is launched with the first TNODE proposal

Multichain Governance

Governance Portal is expanded for TNODE delegation chains

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trusted Node?

Trusted Node is a primarily non-custodial staking platform where users can become node validators by staking their assets, without the need to run validator nodes.

What is TNODE?

TNODE is the utility token of the Trusted Node ecosystem. One can stake their TNODE in our different vaults. By participating in our governance, TNODE holders can boost their yields.

What makes Trusted Node different?

Trusted Node's interface is one of the simplest and most user friendly interfaces in the blockchain industry. We are the only platform letting users fully control their funds and giving them the opportunity to boost their yields AND do multichain liquid staking at the same time.

Is the project launched?

The Trusted Node delegation platform will be live on the 15th of October 2021. The TNODE token will launch one month later.


What are TNODE utilities?

By holding TNODE tokens, you are able to:

  • Participate in the governance of Trusted Node DAO
  • Participate in the governance of the PoS networks through the aggregate voting weight of Trusted Node
  • Stake them and boost your delegation rewards
  • Benefit from the liquid staking functionality, allowing you to do yield stacking
  • Participate in yield generating vaults and liquidity pools

What is the total supply?

The total supply at launch will be one billion.


What is "Delegating"?

Delegation is the process by which token holders delegate their tokens to a staking pool. It allows token holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded proportionally to the amount of assets delegated.

What blockchains does Trusted Node support?

Trusted Node is partnering with the following blockchains/ecosystems: Cosmos (DVPN, IRIS, REGEN, CRO), Polkadot (Nodle, KSM, HydraDX, Moonriver), Cardano, Avalanche, Polygon, Terra, Solana, Ethereum.

Are you going to add more in the future?

Thanks to Trusted Node's governance, TNODE holders will be able to vote for the future implementations.

Liquid Staking

What is "Liquid Staking"?

Liquid Staking is the process of creating liquid derivatives of staked native tokens, effectively unlocking the assets' liquidity and bringing it back into circulation. Technically, derivatives are created by wrapping the native tokens.

What can you do with liquid derivatives?

Trusted Node token derivatives (T-tokens) can be held, sold, traded, or re-staked into vaults to earn additional yield, like any other liquidity token. Trusted Node liquidity vaults will ensure liquidity of the derivatives.

The Team

A team of industry leaders working to build the future of decentralized finance.

Stefan Rust


Alyssa Aaron

Ops & Finance

Robin Guyard


Cameron Lee


Faiz Nazarali


J Garcia

Frontend Developer

Sunny Cheng

Growth Marketing

Jake Gould

Product Analyst

Natalia Nowakowska


The Staking Portal

We've already added validator nodes to our Staking Portal. Stake your funds. Secure the network. Reap the rewards.

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