Token Benefits

The TNODE token is your gateway to the Trusted Node ecosystem.


Become a DAO member and vote on all PoS blockchains through the network’s stake in the validator nodes.

Yield Boost

DAO members receive an additional yield boost multiplier based on the TNODE they have in escrow.

Fee System

DAO members who have their TNODE in escrow may be eligible to a portion of the fees paid to Trusted Node.


TNODE is the lifeblood of the Trusted Node network. It's a governance token and the bridge to liquid staking liquidity.

Token Allocation

A capped total of 1 billion ERC-20 tokens will be generated at launch and released into circulation over 60 months. More than 50% will be reserved for DeFi and PoS rewards available through vaults and smart contracts.

Emission Schedule

The token emission schedule has been designed to stimulate Trusted Node infrastructure and manage circulating supply during the first 5 years of growth. Vested periods and cliffs mitigate market fluctuation.