We are in this for the long haul. Bringing non-custodial liquid staking to Proof-of-Stake networks.



Whitepaper complete; token audit; private sale


Mint token on Ethereum mainnet

Binance Smart Chain

Launch token on BSC and list on Pancake Swap

CEX Listing

List token on a centralized exchange

Staking Portal

Cosmos Integration

Integrate coins built on Cosmos into the Staking Portal

Terra Integration

Integrate coins built on Terra into the Staking Portal

Polkadot Integration

Integrate coins built on Polkadot into the Staking Portal

The Vaults

Liquidity Vault Audits

Complete audits for our LP Vaults


Strengthen our Liquid Staking service with more liquidity pool vaults

Liquid Staking

Custodial Launch

Liquid Staking launches as a custodial service

Non-custodial Liquid Staking

The vision is complete with fully decentralized liquid staking

Multichain Governance

DAO Escrow Audit

Governance vaults are fully audited

Governance Portal

The Governance Portal is launched with the first TNODE proposal

Multichain Governance

Governance Portal is expanded for TNODE delegation chains